Social Media Management Path

Broaden your social media skills with the platforms and strategies you learn here, and develop a thorough operating knowledge of the most popular networks. There is a recommended sequence for you to take these courses, although you have the option to take them in a different order if you so choose (excluding the logical sequence of 101 and 201 offerings). The shorter SPRINT path provides a comprehensive base of 10 core courses.

Social Media Management Path includes:

  • Agency Start Up

    Here is where you will learn to lay a successful foundation by following proven process for selecting your business name and legal entity; determining EIN, license, insurance, and banking requirements; checking keywords for your specialization before buying a domain name, etc. Having laid that groundwork, you’ll want to consider your need for professional services, business records, and the standard types of commercial leases available when you're ready to make that move. Learn to avoid many of the pitfalls that await the uninformed business owner during those early first steps, so you can fast-track your business set-up!

  • Internet Marketing Tools

    Do you find it difficult to manage multiple social media platforms, webpages, and other resources in the Digital Marketplace? Organized marketing tools will allow you to maximize your efforts to promote a product or service, allowing you more time to grow your business! Here you will learn what tools many are using to: manage brand blogs, automate email services, and social media management integration to maximize business growth! Knowing which tools are available to keep you ahead of the curve while saving time and money is one secret for rapidly dominating your competition.

  • Social Media Presence

    Have you wondered how to best market yourself on social media considering that over 90% of all adults in the United States have social media accounts? In this class you will learn the best ways to stand out from the crowd on social media using very simple techniques! It does not matter if you are representing yourself, or a business the basics are the same. This course covers step by step processes for growing a social media presence and attracting the ideal audience for your product or services. Take advantage of this information to grow your business without having to spend money on marketing and watch your presence soar quickly!

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

    Even though social media is promoted as the place for humanizing your message and creating connection rather than recruiting customers and clients directly, 80% of businesses report that it increases traffic to their websites. Discover the wealth of opportunity from this important digital marketing tool for achieving brand recognition, boosting search engine rankings, and driving traffic. Compare various social media platforms for their marketing potential. Learn how to best feed internet spiders and build posts that capture attention.

  • Story Telling Formula

    “Facts Tell, Stories Sell!” People prefer stories over explanations; we get swept up in them and are more easily persuaded to take the point of view being offered. Studies showed in 2017, 92% of consumers want brands to make ads that feel like a story. Simply put, stories are engaging and convincing because they allow us to see ourselves where we want to be, and you can take advantage of that visualization for your product or service. The formula of good story-telling includes Quality Content, + Relevance + Personalization = Better Results. This formula is as old as dirt but hardly ever taught. Learn theses important steps that marketing experts use on a daily basis to stay relevant and ahead of the curve. You will walk out of the course with the know-how to tell compelling stories for your videos, emails, and social media ads!

  • Mobile Videos and Photography

    In a world dominated by small screens and visually-led content, the smartphone has become the ultimate tool for producing, editing and sharing video stories. Advanced apps overcome the traditional obstacles of time, budget, and resources, so now it’s easier than ever to create effective photo and video content. Why not create regular photos and videos that capture the immediate and the unexpected, getting 20% more of your emails opened and 80% more conversions on your landing page. Learn the types of videos that get more play on different devices, which get fully watched, and how to optimize your video and photography quality. In a world dominated by video content don’t be left behind!.

  • Facebook 101

    In the 2nd Quarter of 2017 it was documented that there are over 1.3 billion active users on Facebook daily! This means the ancient way of advertising your business on signs, radio and television are slowly dying. People are no longer riding down the highway and looking at billboards, if they aren’t driving they are on their phone surfing through their newsfeed. If you want your company to thrive, Facebook is the place to be. In this course the learner will learn best practices for Facebook Business, how to create a fan page and profile that will set them up for success from the beginning, and how to navigate the Facebook platform like a pro!

  • Facebook 201

    Only 5% of your fans/friends will ever see your content on Facebook, which may not seem fair to most but it pays to play online these days. Expand and polish your expertise to manage your business or clients’ businesses by digging into the use and navigation Facebook's Business Manager. Learn to successfully add Ad Accounts, Pages, and Page Roles to your business structure, making it easier to handle multiple businesses. Know you're stepping up your game as you make creating Pages, Ad Accounts, and billing simpler than ever before.

  • Instagram Marketing

    With over 600 million users and only 1 million advertisers, and ranked the second most popular social media platform behind its parent Facebook, Instagram has become a popular marketing tool to quickly post pictures and share them across other social media networks. Create a strong visual emphasis in your first ad campaign and get ahead of your competition with the snap of your phone; no separate business page required. Keep abreast of your industry by learning hash tags to find and connect with its strongest influencers. Become an Instagram ad master!

  • YouTube Marketing

    By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic while 51% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. We’re seeing a massive shift toward videos as they become an increasingly powerful way to communicate brand, establish authority, and build following. That being said, Videos can double and triple click-throughs when added in emails, and increase conversion rates by 80% when embedded in landing pages. With YouTube, you only pay when people view your ad. Learn to target unique venues, like channels, videos, apps, websites, or placements within websites. Hone your video ads for specific topics on YouTube and the Google Display Network to garner as many subscribers as possible with engaging, sharable content that will inform viewers, improve your SEO, and build a loyal viewership for your message. Let YouTube be your partner for content marketing!

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